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Education Program Signup

Please select the program that interests you. (Please sign up for one program at a time. When you finish signing up for one, you can start another signup with the same school information.)

For more information about these programs, see our Student Programs page. All programs include comprehensive teacher training and TEKS-aligned classroom materials.

  • Student MatineesThe chandelier will go up, the lights will go down, the orchestra will tune, and students will be treated to Mozart's Bastien and Bastienne at the Winspear Opera House. The fully-staged opera production will be accompanied by The Dallas Opera Orchestra.

    Cost: $4.00 per attendee (students and adults)

  • Touring OpersTouring Opera brings our fully-staged production of Mozart's Bastien and Bastienne to your school's cafeteria, gym or auditorium. This production comes complete with sets, costumes and is accompanied by piano. Your school must provide a 25'x25' performance space. Ideal for student groups from 100 to 1,000.

    Cost: Per school: $100.00 (public), $500.00 (private)

  • Opera in a Suitcase

    If you are an after-school provider, bring the world of The Billy Goats Gruff to your students with our FREE, 2-day Opera in a Suitcase program! We offer a 2-day residency consisting of: Day 1, a one-hour interactive workshop of visual art projects and music activities, and Day 2, a fully-staged, piano-accompanied performance of The Billy Goats Gruff performed by TDO Education and Outreach artists.

    PLEASE NOTE: The performance taking place on Day 2 will require a GYM as the set, costumes, and equipment are quite large and will not fit on the stages of school auditoriums.

    Cost: Free

  • Dress RehearsalsStudents get the chance to see opera productions before anyone else! Teachers are invited to bring their students to the exciting Final Dress rehearsals and watch the creativity that is put into these mainstage performances. Four Dress Rehearsals take place at 7:30pm prior to opening night.

    PLEASE NOTE: All dates are subject to change in accordance with the production schedule.

    Cost: Free

  • TDO SightlinesAt the Winspear Opera House, a few areas of the performance hall sometimes go unsold due to partial or restricted views of the stage. Our loss is a win for your students! Teachers are welcomed to bring their middle, high school and college students.

    Cost: Free